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Bid Management

Bid Management


Bid Management process explainedManaging the bid process is a technical process referred to as bid management and impacts the budget and timeline of any project.  The success or failure of a project can often rest upon bid management in the contractor selection, and ensuring the entire scope of the design documents is covered. 

Bid Management process explained

In addition, all public bids must be held in the strictest accordance of the law, this is part of professional bid management.  As the bid process is much more dynamic than just taking the low bid, Nationwide Consulting LLC becomes involved in bid management during the bidding process to ensure that all laws and protocols are complied with and the owners are represented in a professional manner.



Bid Management




Project Management and Owner’s Representation


Bid Management Solutions ExplainedAs owner’s representative, Nationwide Consulting LLC serves as an extension of the owner’s staff in the bid management process. Nationwide Consulting LLC provides guidance through the lifecycle of your project, protecting the owner’s interests at all times.

Nationwide Consulting LLC provides owners with the value-added resources they will need to make their project a success. For an owner whose team may not have the required depth of resources to look after each component of a project, Nationwide Consulting LLC literally serves as an extension of their staff.

As the projects “eyes and ears,” Nationwide Consulting LLC  can provide on-site representation to make sure Bid Management Solutions Explainedthat construction proceeds in accordance with contract documents, on time and within budget. Working as your advocate, Nationwide Consulting LLC  experts enable clients to focus on their core business without distraction, and rest assured that the bid management process is being handled to their advantage.

Bid Management Solutions ExplainedNationwide Consulting LLC staff of engineers, architects, estimators, schedulers, claims and surety specialists, and other construction professionals have hands-on experience and skills that are applied throughout each phase of a project. Nationwide Consulting LLC  provides clients with this technical knowledge to keep you abreast of events, enabling you to make informed and timely decisions.

Bid Management Solutions Explained

Nationwide Consulting LLC offers a full spectrum of Bid Management, Project Management and Owner’s Representative services to our clients.  Functioning as the project management consultant, Nationwide Consulting LLC coordinates and manages the contractual relationships with designers, engineers, contractors, and vendors.


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