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Residential and Commercial Design

Residential and Commercial Design

Residential and Commercial Design (multi-family)

Residential and Commercial Design

Pairing owner’s representation services with residential and commercial design, provides the ultimate assurance that your vision will be properly communicated and executed.

For example, the president of The Rev Group (one of our associates) is an accomplished residential and commercial design specialist, with a degree in building design.  Each of our residential and commercial design projects are truly unique, and have a builder’s touch.  

Residential and Commercial DesignResidential design works as a partnership between the architect and the interior designer. The architect begins the process, ensuring that the home is safe and structurally sound. The architect designs a home to meet local building codes, including regulations for plumbing and electrical safety. The building’s size and envelope is relatively small when compared to commercial properties.  

On paper, it seems that commercial design follows the same process. Architects create buildings Residential and Commercial Designwith a sound infrastructure that meet local building code regulations — yet there are significant differences. Commercial buildings are usually larger than residential buildings, which demand a greater responsibility for safety and structural integrity.  

Residential and Commercial DesignCommercial buildings also have greater infrastructure needs. They will need elevators to allow for freight and people, bathrooms for visitors and employees, cafeterias and even parking areas, all of which are less common in a residential building, even if the residential building is a large condominium complex. All of these structural elements and designs must be in place before the designer can start working on the project.  

If a commercial architect is working on a specialized facility, the design process changes even Residential and Commercial Designfurther. For example, medical or health care facilities need to have plans to keep the area sterile and protect patients. Hospitality buildings, like hotels, need to ensure that they have space to meet their guests’ needs as well as provide entertainment and restaurant options. Retail buildings must have space to display their products for sale, give customers a place to park, and provide easy-to-find restrooms.

Residential and Commercial Design working hand in hand with Project management and owner’s representation, can make projects run smoother, more efficiently and with a maximum of cost savings.


Residential and Commercial Design

Project Management and Owner’s Representation

As owner’s representative, Nationwide Consulting LLC serves as an extension of the owner’s staff and will conduct the process of residential and commercial design work on your behalf. Nationwide Consulting LLC provides guidance through the lifecycle of your project, protecting the owner’s interests at all times. 

  Residential and Commercial DesignNationwide Consulting LLC provides owners with the value-added resources they will need to conduct residential and commercial design, which will ensure that their project is a success. For an owner whose team may not have the required depth of resources to look after each component of a project, Nationwide Consulting LLC literally serves as an extension of their staff.  

As the projects “eyes and ears,” Nationwide Consulting LLC  can provide on-site representation to make sure that construction proceeds in accordance with contract documents, on time and within budget. Working as your advocate, Nationwide Consulting LLC experts enable clients to focus on their core business without distraction.  

Nationwide Consulting LLC staff of engineers, architects, estimators, schedulers, claims and Residential and Commercial Designsurety specialists will conduct residential and commercial design work and other construction professionals, who have hands-on experience and skills that are applied throughout each phase of a project, and before the project begins throughout the constructability plan review process. Nationwide Consulting LLC provides clients with this technical knowledge to keep you abreast of events, enabling you to make informed and timely decisions.  

Nationwide Consulting LLC offers a full spectrum of Project Management and Owner’s Representative services to our clients.  Functioning as the project management consultant, Nationwide Consulting LLC coordinates and manages the contractual relationships with designers, engineers, contractors, and vendors, and assures compliance through the residential and commercial design process.



Residential and Commercial Design

Nationwide Consulting, LLC

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