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Services to BOA

Nationwide Consulting, LLC servicesServices to Condominium and Condominium BOA by Nationwide Consulting, LLC


  • Site investigation:

    Nationwide Consulting, LLC is certified and experienced in all types of Condominium Site Investigations, from Roof replacement, to shell restoration, from plumbing to electrical, we can identify the problem and solution in a cost effective manner.



  • Identify requirements of the project:

    Once problems have been identified, Nationwide Consulting, LLC will create a list of requirements to completely fix the problem. This list of requirements will act as a structure for the BOA to understand the nature of the problem and its eradication, as well as the requirements for the bidding process.



  • Analyze and prioritize the work to be done:

    With our vast experience with all sorts of structures, Nationwide Consulting, LLC is best suited to prioritize work to be done from most immediate to the items that could be delayed for a short time. With condominium budgets and BOA decisions on spending so critical, this prioritization can assist in those decisions.



  • Develop construction strategy:

    When dealing with major remodel or structural repairs on larger condominium projects, repairs take time, Nationwide Consulting, LLC offers the experience to provide a construction strategy that will assist in making a plan that is least intrusive to the condominium residents, and yet cost effective for the BOA.



  • Project estimated cost (budget):

    Nationwide Consulting LLC will advise the BOA to develop a conservative estimated project budget and time line for the project based upon Nationwide Consulting LLC experience, and known repairs to be made.



  • Design team selection:

    The first stage in major construction and restoration process is the design and architectural rendering process. Nationwide Consulting, LLC is uniquely qualified to provide suggestions as to the requirements of the design team and its selection process, with over 40 years of design experience on over $1 Billion in diverse projects.



  • Oversight of design:

    Nationwide Consulting, LLC would be fully involved in supervision and oversight of the entire design process from selection of the team, to the delivery and acceptance of the final plan.



  • Scope of work:

    Nationwide Consulting, LLC will create a scope of work document that will be the basis for the bidding process. This document is vital in assuring that the participants in the bidding process are bidding on the full scope of the project apples to apples. It levels the playing field so each bidder knows the entire and complete scope of the project and must bid accordingly. The scope of work and design drawing are the standard that the contractors will be held to during construction.



  • Locate and qualify bidders:

    Nationwide Consulting, LLC will locate and qualify the contractors that bid on your project by investigating their qualifications, reputation, certifications and experience in the type of construction called for in the scope of work. Consideration is given to their location, length of time in the business, safety record, site visits to other active construction of the contractor, validate references and successfully completed construction projects in the specialty called for in the project.



  • Prepare and issue bid document:

    The process for preparing a bid document can be a daunting task for a BOA. Nationwide Consulting, LLC will prepare the bid document based on the approved scope of work and design. Then Nationwide Consulting, LLC will fully manage the bid process, distributing the bid document to the chosen participants, and setting deadlines for submission. All applicable laws governing this process will be met and supervised by Nationwide Consulting, LLC



  • Respond to contractor questions:

    Responding to contractor questions about the bid document and scope of work can be a daunting task for a condominium BOA. Nationwide Consulting, LLC performs this function for you accurately answering all contractor questions to the good of the condominium construction project.



  • Owner receives all bids:

    The Condominium BOA will receive all bids submitted with Nationwide Consulting LLC attending the opening.



  • Owner opens bids:

    The BOA will open the sealed bids after they are submitted and Nationwide Consulting LLC will create a matrix of the bids for the board to compare them.

  • Contractor selection:

    Nationwide Consulting, LLC will fully review each bid submission with the BOA offering suggestions based on 40 years of experience and data base of completed projects of a similar nature, and a contractors ability to perform based on the bid submissions and the scope of work satisfaction. Nationwide Consulting LLC will conduct a scope review with the top two contractors to verify that the contractor has included the full scope of the project in their bid



  • Tenant Coordination With Construction:

    Nationwide Consulting, LLC will coordinate the construction project in a way that will maximize the efficiency, and be of the least interruption to the daily lives of the condominium residents. If temporary relocation of residents or of their vehicles becomes necessary for a portion of the construction project, Nationwide Consulting, LLC can coordinate that accommodation with the BOA as well.



  • Oversight of construction Documentation of construction:

    During the construction process, Nationwide Consulting, LLC will oversee and document every stage of construction, verify completion of each stage of the project, make sure all required documents are filed, inspection process is smooth, and that the contractors deliver exactly what was bid and within the scope of work.



  • Change order management:

    Most construction projects have unforeseen and unrelated problems that may be uncovered by the construction process that are outside the scope of the bid documents and original project scope. Nationwide Consulting, LLC provides spot on accuracy by validating the contractors cost and allowable by the bid documents mark-up. Nationwide Consulting LLC will present validated cost to the BOA before issuing a change order to the contractor.



  • Project close out and warrantee’s:

    Finally, Nationwide Consulting, LLC can insure that all previsions of the products installed in the construction process meet all manufacturer requirements for full warrantee protection. Nationwide Consulting, LLC can help insure that any warrantees offered by the contractor are met and enforced. Nationwide Consulting, LLC will assist the BOA with a final report and all documentation certifying completion, warrantees and fulfillment of state and local regulations covering the construction or restoration project.