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Construction Projects in Remote Locations Present Unique Problems and Solutions

Nationwide Consulting LLC provides on-site Consulting in Remote Locations


Nationwide Consulting LLC is Your Expert at Working Nationwide Consulting LLC provides on-site Consulting in Remote Locations



One of the most challenging projects a company can undertake is a construction project in remote locations. A remote site or sites can mean extreme working conditions, often in an isolated location without regular cell service or most other common services usually taken for granted.  These sites face higher risks than average construction sites in well-located areas.  Construction projects in remote locations have their unique problems that are caused mainly by the remoteness of the project itself, problems the company could not anticipate since they are unique to that particular remote location.

Nationwide Consulting LLC specializes around construction projects in remote location and has successfully assisted successful conclusions of some of the worlds most complex remote location problems. Some examples include Lockheed Martin’s “Space Fence”, The LDLR, Radom and various bulk fuel storage facilities to name a few of the latest projects.

Nationwide Consulting LLC provides on-site Consulting in Remote Locations

In spite of rapid progress in the project management field, all project parties experience countless unexpected and cumbersome management problems in unfamiliar remote locations. This can negatively affect project quality and cause substantial delays, increased cost and reduced control when those conventional project management skills are attempted remotely.

The aim of hiring an expert to work with your project in a remote location to review the risk involved in project management of a particular remote construction site. With the assistance of this study, which can be carried out through interviews and observations, we can discover mobilization risks, procurement risks, and economics of scale factors.

Many factors may affect a remote site significantly such as availability, skill level and cost of local labor if any exists within a reasonable distance.   Professionals like Nationwide Consulting LLC are able to advise and improve on planning and scheduling in order to overcome these factors.

Nationwide Consulting LLC provides on-site Consulting in Remote Locations



What Defines the Difficulties of Working in Remote Locations?

Working in Remote Locations can be defined by the remoteness of a construction site which results in labor, materials, plant and communication risks due to its physical or geopolitical location. Accessibility and human resources are major factors which make it difficult for firms or organizations to manage projects in remote locations.

Remote projects have their unique problems that are caused by the remoteness of the project itself and could lose control over communication and the actual day to day management of the project on-site. The dilemma of managing remote projects is highlighted by the extensive physical distance between project participants, sometimes extending over national boundaries, which can cause major delays in decision making, which can yield project delays.

Nationwide Consulting LLC provides on-site Consulting in Remote Locations

The project team has to not only tackle traditional management problems but those that specifically occur as a result of the remote locations of these often environmentally sensitive sites.

Generally, project management is complex and differs from one firm to another, as the sense of reasoning differs from one person to another, therefore their perspective of thoughts will also be different and thus complicate issues. For the remote site consultant to achieve the desired result to satisfy the client, there is much extra work to be done. Management of projects in remote sites can easily present numerous challenges.

A good remote location consultant must have adequate knowledge of the risk involved in construction projects in remote locations as opposed to the same project in a well-traveled domestic city. They must be able to enhance construction productivity in that remote location, and possess the experience to solve unforeseen problems that will come up in unfamiliar supply chains.

Nationwide Consulting LLC provides on-site Consulting in Remote Locations


Steady Growth of the Construction Projects in Remote Locations


The global construction market is worth an estimated 7.5 trillion dollars, representing 13.4% of global gross domestic production (GDP). By 2020 global construction will be a 12.7 trillion global market, an overall growth of 70% over the last decade and will account for 14.6% of the global GDP.

In developing, otherwise meeting our definition of remote countries, investments in construction projects could be as high as 50-60% of national budgets.

The US Construction industry which is one of the oldest in the world is vital to growth and development. Construction activities forecast the general direction of an economy and for this reason; the industry is often described as a leading economic sector. Nationwide Consulting LLC has the expertise and experience from many perfectly coordinated construction and design projects around the globe to help you work more efficiently in remote locations.

Nationwide Consulting LLC provides on-site Consulting in Remote Locations



Working in Remote Locations Pose Challenges to Project Management


Let Nationwide Consultants, LLC solve:


  • The problems of location- long-distance transportation of personnel and material to the remote site.

  • The issues of logistics or cash flow- remote lands or areas too remote for financial intuitions.

  • The problem of quality workmanship- project location lacks skilled labor or local labor period

  • Technological setbacks- underestimating locations existing infrastructure, and changes needed on the on-site in real time.

  • Environmental issues- unexpected weather conditions, geological conditions even unforeseeable storms, earthquakes or other natural disasters during the remote project.

  • Time constraint in service delivery- time sensitive decisions may be caught up in red tape, bureaucracy and physical distance from the problem.

  • Communication gap- difficulties can arise with local and remote management communication as well as local governments and residents.


Using Nationwide Consultants LLC, an experienced remote site consultant or owner’s representative will increase the reliability and relevance of professionals and project managers already based in a remote construction delivery process. It cannot be overemphasized; it is easier to manage construction projects in remote locations with an experienced and reliable Owners Representative as compared to remote location projects using only internal company personnel in remote areas.

Nationwide Consulting LLC provides on-site Consulting in Remote Locations


Other advantages to Construction Projects in Remote Locations Consultant or On-Site Owners Representative


Project management could be very effectively enhanced on a remote site if the right factors are put in place and consideration has been given on the following by a third party entity able to negotiate for the company on their behalf:


  • In executing a construction project on remote sites, the right tendering process and contractual arrangement should be in place. Contracts and permits that are 100% correct in the US or Europe may work a little differently in the other locations like the South Pacific.


  • The involvement of qualified professionals or project managers on remote site construction is paramount. Having a strong understanding of what to expect and how to interact with remote locations can save time, money and in fact in some cases the entire project.


  • At all times, measures should be taken to ensure that all the factors mentioned above that can hinder the success of remote construction project. All permits, progress sheets, and pertinent paperwork should be made available at all times to the home company in real time, whenever possible.


  • The government needs to be dealt with in different ways, depending on the remote location. Handled properly, they should enhance efficiency, such as good road networks for accessibility.


  • The stakeholders in the construction project should enhance the availability of construction materials. However, without proper coordination both in and out of the remote location, some or all of the material may not reach its final destination!


Owners Representatives working in remote locations handle the details, that is the long and the short of it. Nationwide Consulting LLC can make your construction project in remote locations run smoother and allow you to keep accurate control of the process without key personnel having to leave your home office.

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