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Due Diligence

Nationwide Consulting, LLC and Due Diligence

Why Due Diligence is Essential

 By Robert Hanson

Whether your project is water intrusion, renovation or new construction; identifying the project requirements is of paramount importance. There are three main components to due diligence:

Identify requirements within the scope of the project.

This is not always as simple as it sounds. We are similar to detectives because clients’ needs are not always evident and/or the same within a group of people. Interviews are conducted to identify that expectations are realistic and don’t exceed budgetary restrictions. This component is effective to quantify requirements, producing a comprehensive scope of work.

Analysis: Refine the understanding of initial elicited requirements.

Utilizing our 40 plus years of experience involving over $1 Billion worth of diverse projects, we analyze elicitation results to develop a condensed scope of work; listing the priorities, arbitrating all conflicting requests, and communicating code restrictions. Most importantly, because we are working for you; we search for ways to value engineer the project without sacrificing quality.

Specifications: Documenting the various types of requirements.

Traditionally architectural drawings and specifications are somewhat subjective. As a result of this due diligence process, we present our clients with detailed documents consisting of both text and graphics; that will help supply the bidding subcontractors with guidelines that assure clarity, quality and compliance.